I’ve just returned from the BirdsCaribbean 21st International Conference in Cuba.  Visit my photo galleries for some updates of all the amazing birds and other wildlife I was lucky enough to see!

I am a PhD student in Reed Research Group at Tufts University and a Doctoral Fellow in the Water Diplomacy Program, a National Science Foundation IGERT.  

During the 2017-2018 academic year, I am excited to be a Doctoral Fellow with TIE, the Tufts Institute of the Environment .

My broad research interests are in avian ecology, anthropogenic effects on wildlife, wetlands, and island and agro ecosystems.  I plan to combine these interests and develop tools that quantify or predict species and habitat risk and vulnerability. I am also particularly interested in water, its management, future water availability for wildlife, and exploring the optimization of resource availability in ways which create mutual gains for humans and wildlife.  I joined the Tufts Department of Biology’s Ecology, Evolution and Behavior group in 2015 and am advised by Dr. Michael Reed.  In addition, I am a Fellow in the Water Diplomacy Program and have been learning to resolve complex water problems through negotiated solutions.  I hope to apply concepts from the Water Diplomacy Framework to my doctoral research as risk and vulnerability examined through an interdisciplinary social-ecological lens is important and underexplored.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Avian Sciences at UC Davis in 2010 and subsequently worked for several years as a Biologist in California and Research and Conservation Officer in Singapore.  Prior to joining Tufts, I served as an Associate Editor for PLOS ONE.  I really appreciate having conversations about academic publishing, open access, peer review, and evaluation criteria for career scientists.

Processed with Snapseed.Being outside and active is something I treasure- hiking, camping, cycling, and running. It goes without saying that I am a bird nerd and of course I also love to observe other wildlife and nature.  I enjoy long-term goals, my most ambitious so far was a 99-day two person bicycle camping trip across the USA (coast to coast). Currently I am training for an olympic distance triathlon, trying repeatedly (!) for a sub-2 hour half marathon, and hand quilting my first full size quilt. I am also well on my way to visiting all of the US National Parks- there are 58 and so far I’ve been to 23 of them.

Please contact me by any of the means below if you are interested in my research, have any questions or would just like to connect.